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28 Day Challenge

Are You Ready Transform Your Body, Energy & Mind?

North Coast ladies: no matter your size, shape, age or experience, our 28 day challenge is the perfect fit for everyBODY

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In just 28 days do you...

✔ Want to lose 7-10lbs of body fat?

✔ Want to know the most effective ways to get leaner, fitter and stronger?

✔ Want to get in shape without sacrificing your social life?

✔ Want to follow a female focused program that is proven to get results?

If the answer is yes - then you're a great fit for this challenge.

Hundreds of success stories and counting — will you be next?

It's time you rediscovered your body confidence, found your tribe of women to cheer you on, broke free of dieting, and had the support of coaches who've lost over 320lbs!

What to expect in the 28 Day Challenge

✔ 12 Small Group Personal training sessions

✔ Weekly checkins and accountability

✔ Your own Nutrition & Mindset Coach

✔ Personal success Coach

✔ Access to our private ladies training facility

✔ Supportive community of inspirational women

Here's what you get for £99

Guaranteed results

Body Transformation (Value Priceless)

Follow the program and we absolutely guarantee you’ll get impressive results

12 Small group personal training sessions

Supportive, fun classes (Value £129)

Three sessions a week at our private, ladies only gym with expert coaches who'll guide you through every part of the program to ensure you make a real, long-lasting changes to your body

Your own personal coaching team

Dedicated Support (Value £149)

You have unlimited access to all three Forge coaches everyday, to make sure you stay on track and get results without feeling confused and overwhelmed

Weekly check-ins

Accountability (Value £99)

Where your dedicated personal Forge coach will provide resources and strategies to make sure you’re heading towards your goals

Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

Unlock your food & mood connection (Value £299)

You have the unique opportunity to work with Northern Irelands best Nutrition & Mindset expert - Coach Sarah, to help you stop dieting, understand your body and break free of emotional eating

Incredible Community of women

Inspiring & motivating cheerleaders (Value Priceless)

Experience the vibe of our tribe as a member of our amazing community of women who will make you feel empowered, inspired, and motivated on your journey

Ready to get started?

Now, if you were to buy all of these things separately from a one-on-one personal trainer the total investment could be well over £780.

But we're not going to charge anything close to that...

Join the challenge and achieve your goals for only £159 £99 – that works out at under £25 per week, which is less than the average personal trainer charges for a single session!

Our money back guarantee!

We're so confident in our programme after hundreds of insane results....
If you complete the 28 days and don't get results we'll give you your money back

These results where achieved over varying lengths of times and are meant only as an example of what can be achieved as a member of Forge Female Fitness

In 28 days we will help you to...

✔ Increase your strength and fitness, losing on average 7-10lbs in the 28 days

✔ Rediscover your confidence, energy and zest for life

✔ Break bad habits that have been holding you back in order to transform into a better version of themselves

✔ Feel comfortable in a supportive, female only environment. We've created a safe space for our women, with no mirrors & no judgement. Where you can make new friends and feel a part of something special

✔ Finally prioritise yourself, carving out some much needed self care, we've helped our women fit their workouts into hectic schedules balancing kids, work & other commitments (with just 3 sessions per week!)

✔ Learn more about and manage your energy levels and hormones through proper nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle changes so that you can get back to feeling your best

The North Coasts No.1 Ladies Only Studio

Tour our amazing studio built and designed to be a welcoming, empowering space

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Forge Female Fitness studio?

In Ballymoney, drive into the Lidl car park entrance and stay to the left, at the top left you will see a gated business park, drive into the car park and you'll see the purple Forge Female Fitness sign in the left corner. Our address is Unit 5, Taggarts Yard, 18 Meetinghouse Street, Ballymoney BT53 6JN

What classes will I be doing in the challenge?

You will be in our amazing small group personal training classes, these classes are where the magic happens! With session numbers capped at 12 ladies, each attendee can receive tailored support and individualised instruction throughout the session, whilst enjoying the fun and motivation that comes from exercising alongside like-minded women, even if fitness levels within the group are varied.

When are your classes?

Our Class schedule is:

Monday 10am, 6pm, 7pm
Tuesday 7am, 6pm, 7pm
Wednesday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm
Thursday 7am, 6pm, 7pm
Friday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm

You can attend any three classes each week that best suit your work/life schedule.

When can I start?

Our Challenge runs all the time! Once you signup, we will get you setup and ready to attend a class within 72hours and your journey to a stronger, fitter, healthier you begins!

Do I need to be fit to do this?

No – we'll make sure you're working at a pace that matches your experience and fitness level. We specialise in working with beginners or ladies who haven't taken part in any strength or fitness activities for a while.

What happens after the 28 days?

It's your choice – you can become a full member or if you decide we're not for you, we can part ways with no hard feelings. So far every single woman who has taken part in our challenges has become a full member, as our coaching, community, and results - are special :)

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