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The North Coast's No.1 Ladies Training Studio
Sculpting Confidence, Building Strength & Fostering Community

Coaches who understand you

Your Coaches have lost over 250lbs between them, and completely transformed their lives,

with over 20 years coaching experience and over 300 transformations, we are women

who truly believe in the power of change!

Head Coach Grace lost 156lbs, founded the Forge, won Best Female Personal Trainer Northern Ireland twice, set a World Record on the Assault Bike, won national titles in Weightlifting and Cycling…and most importantly transformed hundreds of women’s lives through fitness!

Coach JoJo has been a member of The Forge for over 6 years, losing over 70lbs, and over the past 3 years has become a Coach who leads by example. She is our success Coach who ensures every woman achieves their goal and leads our Mummy & Me classes for new mums.

Coach Sarah has has lost over 50lbs herself, is a Precision Nutrition Coach, and qualified NHS Psychotherapist, and combines psychological coaching with practical nutrition coaching, to change your relationship with food, fitness, and your body, so you never have to diet again.

Women who started where you are now...

1:1 Coaching Available

We built our award winning reputation on our Personal Training service, and we continue to provide unrivalled tailored training. We work together in complete privacy, there’s no judgement, and no embarrassment about being a beginner or not being in the shape you want, because as coaches we’ve been where you are.

Your Forge Coaches have lost over 250lbs combined, and know intimately the journey you’re on, and how we can help. We have also won Best Female Personal Trainer Northern Ireland TWICE! This is your opportunity to work with Senior Coach JoJo to finally get unstuck, move better, feel better, and achieve your dream goals.

You are in literally THE BEST hands when it comes to personalised strength and fitness training.

The North Coasts No.1 Ladies Only Studio

Tour our amazing studio built and designed to be a welcoming, empowering space

Ready to invest in yourself?

We will help you restore your confidence, health and happiness, and make positive long-term lifestyle changes, so that you can take on life feeling mentally and physically strong, energised and HAPPY!

Experience the vibe of our tribe

Training in a Forge class is unrivalled, they’re fun, highly motivating, and they get results. The support and the camaraderie of the Forge members is invaluable. You’ll also make lifelong friendships! Limited to 12 to ensure a high level of coaching.

We have a 10 DAY TRIAL for just £10, which gives you access to 5 classes to experience the vibe of our tribe and see for yourself how inspiring our environment is, how in-depth and unique our ladies coaching is, and feel the warmth of a truly uplifting community.

Let's kickstart your journey!

We help our ladies to...

✔ Learn how to exercise safely and effectively in an exclusive and friendly, welcoming environment to build strength and confidence

✔ Feel motivated and have fun by becoming part of an amazing community of like minded women who lift each other up

✔ Take control and start making time for themselves in their busy lives, enabling them to become their best self

✔ Learn how to be fit and healthy whilst still enjoying their down time, meals out, and a fulfilling social life with family and friends

Meet your Coaches

Founder & Head Coach Grace

Success & PrePost Natal JoJo

Nutrition & Mindset Coach Sarah

Leading by example

Our coaches are leading examples of what living a fit and healthy life of balance looks like, and have the personal experience of over 250lbs lost between them and the knowledge that comes from two decades coaching women. You will receive direct support every step of the way to achieve your specific health and fitness goals whilst learning how to make these positive changes a long term part of your lifestyle...

What our members say


Helen Logan

"Coach Grace you have made my bloody year !! I think you are my angel in disguise. I am really proud that you see in me that drive that some people even doctors think I don’t possess anymore. I haven’t had the easiest road to finding you but boy am I dam proud to be part of Forge. I feel a million times better now, and can deal with the painful days by pushing on with even more of a positive attitude because of the coaches and the Forge community. Feeling normal is all I strive for and as I meet different women at each Forge class I attend that’s exactly how I am treated the minute I roll in the door. Thank you, as you have saved my mental health as well as made me believe in my body again!"


Alison Smith

"Thank you Forge coaches from the bottom of my heart. You invest so much into each and every woman belonging to Forge. You've changed my life so much I can't begin to explain. You inspire, you lead, you care, you support, you all change the lives of each and every woman who comes to Forge always for the better. Now you've started a change in me also, I'm being to see the person I'd lost, so deep within me, slowly re-emerge. You lit a fire under me and with your help I am going to keep that going to see how much more I can grow in physical and mental strength."


Lauren Patterson

"I am so grateful for you, Coach JoJo and Sarah, and all at the Forge. It has been a blessing to me since I joined in a few months ago. I have felt lifted inside because as a busy mum who carries a lot of the home stuff as well as working part time, and someone who is a giver so at times I don't prioritise myself. I have appreciated the sessions as time to give some priority to my health, mind and body. A time for me. I love what you have been creating at the Forge, a place for women to come as they are, be accepted and welcomed in despite all our difference ages, stages and lives. Thank you for all that you do to help me and the others at Forge."


Lorna McMullan

"Since joining you have made me feel so welcome. I support family members with mental health struggles and I am a worrier, this was the reason I decided to join in the summer, to have some self-care time and look after myself more. I can honestly say the truly amazing, genuine coaching is the reason I keep coming back to class. When I’m there, there is nothing else in my mind but doing the exercises and I escape the worry in my mind. I thank you for that. Please keep on doing what you are doing, you have built something so unique and life changing."


Sarah Sandford

"I'm excited for now and the future, because all the education you are giving me is working, and it’s a formula I know how to keep going. I'm learning so much about healthy portions, the importance of protein, and also eating regularly. I feel really good physically, I've lost 10lbs already in 6 weeks, and my trousers are a little bigger! Training in the studio the movements have become easier, and I am feeling so much stronger! Also a massive thank you to all 3 of you coaches for the resources and time you put in and the community you have built, it’s powerful!"

Tailored exercise in a fun, supportive environment

We pride ourselves on our personal approach with classes, while you will be training alongside other women, you will receive personalised movement and instruction that best suits you, training in a community of like-minded people who will inspire and motivate you throughout your journey...


What is small group personal training?

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to health and fitness but there are many mood boosting social benefits that come from group exercise, so we are pleased to offer the best of both worlds with our Small Group Personal Training sessions. With session numbers capped at 12 ladies, each attendee can receive tailored support and individualised instruction throughout the session, whilst enjoying the fun and motivation that comes from exercising alongside like-minded people, even if fitness levels within the group are varied.

Do you offer 1:1 personal training?

We have limited 1:1 personal training availability, due to often being fully booked, so it's best to enquire via our dedicated personal training page.

What happens at the 10 day trial?

Our 10 day trial is just £10 and gives you access to 5 classes to experience the vibe of our tribe and see for yourself how inspiring our environment is, how in-depth and unique our ladies coaching is, and feel the warmth of a truly uplifting community.

Once registered on our booking platform TeamUp you can view the calendar and choose any 5 classes that suit your schedule, register for that class and attend your classes. A Forge coach will meet you at reception, take you to our lockers to store your things, and talk you through the class, pairing you with an experienced forge member so you have both a coach and member guiding through your session.

After your trial you have the choice of 12 or Unlimited sessions per month memberships. Choose the best package that suits your budget and schedule and get ready to skyrocket your strength, fitness and confidence!

How are you different to a commercial gym?

We are firstly women's only! We don't use machines. We are for women mostly 30+. Our Coaches have lost over 250lbs and specialise in women's health and fatloss. We are a community driven space. We help women build a network of friends. We notice and miss you when you can't attend a class. We help you understand your own health and prioritise it. We give free educational workshops and seminars to our members. We genuinely care about YOU.

How do I get to the studio?

In Ballymoney, drive into the Lidl car park entrance and stay to the left, at the top left you will see a gated business park, drive into the car park and you'll see the purple Forge Female Fitness sign in the left corner.

When are your classes?

Monday 10am, 6pm, 7pm
Tuesday 7am, 6pm, 7pm
Wednesday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm
Thursday 7am, 6pm, 7pm
Friday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm

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