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We're not just shaping bodies, we're empowering women!

Our commitment to your health and well-being goes beyond the workout. Our diverse range of classes is designed with your unique journey in mind. Whether you're aiming to get leaner, boost your confidence, establish a positive relationship with your body, or build strength and fitness, Forge has the perfect class for you.

Within our classes we help women embrace their strength, cultivate confidence, and forge lifelong bonds with an incredible community. Choose your path and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Class Timetable

Monday 10am, 6pm, 7pm

Tuesday 7am, 6pm, 7pm

Wednesday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm

Thursday 7am, 6pm, 7pm

Friday 7am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm

Class Schedule

Monday 10am, 6pm, 7pm
Tuesday 7am, 6pm, 7pm
Wednesday 7am, 10am, 7pm
Thursday 7am, 6pm

Thursday 7pm

Friday 10am, 6pm

Wednesday 6pm
Friday 7am

Friday 7pm

Classes for all levels

POWER (Strength)

The foundations of your journey are in our Power classes to build your strength and body confidence in all areas. Your Forge coaches will guide you through empowering, progressive sessions that build strength, enhance endurance, and leave you feeling unstoppable.

FURNACE (Cardio)

Elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism with our Furnace class. Engage in high-energy, dynamic sessions that cater to every fitness level. One of our most popular classes, these will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the day.

FOUNDRY (Foundation Fitness)

Build the fundamental pillars of your fitness journey with Foundry, our Foundation Fitness class. Perfect for beginners, this class focuses on building a strong base, ensuring proper form, and setting the groundwork to progress your fitness each week.

We recommend two POWER classes & one class of your choice each week

PLATE (45 min Full Body)

Utilising a single plate (weighted to your level so suitable for all), this class targets your full body, providing a challenging yet rewarding workout that leaves you feeling strong, confident, and capable, all done within 45 minutes, so perfect for busy mums!


Our early morning 7am class, and coached exactly the same as our POWER classes, focusing on building strength and confidence. You will be guided through empowering progressive strength sessions, that act as the perfect way to kickstart your day!

CIRCUITS (Intervals)

Our Circuits class is a fantastic whole-body exercise that will help you get fitter, build strength, improve your mobility and elevate your conditioning. You'll move from one movement to the next in short bursts, taking on cardio, resistance and strength training activities for an epic full body workout!

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You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our powerful personalised coaching, with each session expertly crafted to help you progress towards your goals. All coached in a private, custom built ladies studio, with support from our amazing community of women to inspire and motivate you!

Let your journey to a stronger, confident, more vibrant you begin!

What to expect as as a Forge member...


Life changing coaching

Forge Female Fitness coaching is a transformative journey that empowers women to redefine their physical and mental well-being. Through expert guidance, our coaching creates lasting change, and fosters strength, confidence, and resilience, with expert guidance on how to improve all aspect of your health at any age. Learn from Coaches who have lost over 250lbs and helped 400+ women create a body and life they love.


Weekly Check-ins

These check-ins are not just about tracking progress; they serve as a vital connection point to your Forge Coaches and help troubleshoot any struggles and offer individual support and advice. We provide unlimited support to ensure that your health journey is not only transformative but also deeply enriching. We are here to celebrate your victories, address your challenges, and empower you to make epic progress in your fitness and overall well-being.


Your own Forge Lifestyle Tracker

Our private members app is a user-friendly game-changer in women's wellness, offering a seamless blend of personalised fitness tracking and holistic health support. Empowering our members to set and achieve fitness goals, providing real-time progress tracking and insightful analytics. It's not just a tracker; it's a companion on the journey to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, making every step towards well-being effortless and rewarding.


Holistic Health Approach

Our coaching embraces a holistic health approach, understanding that well-being goes beyond physical fitness. We prioritise guiding women in building not only physical strength but also mental resilience and emotional balance, by focusing on the interconnectedness of various life aspects, including nutrition, stress management, and mindset. We work deeply together to help you create both the body and life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.


Education & Resource Hub

Our Education & Resource Hub is a knowledge powerhouse, empowering women on their wellness journey. This comprehensive hub offers expert guidance on fitness, nutrition, womens health, and mental well-being. It's a virtual mentor, providing articles, videos, and tools to educate and inspire. It's not just a resource; it's a roadmap to holistic well-being, ensuring that every member has the information she needs to thrive and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Communication & Support

As our a Forge member you have your own private Coaching chat with your Forge Coaches who will support, advise, motivate and inspire you throughout your journey. With experience in female health, hormones, menopause, pre & post natal, fatloss, and the knowledge of how to navigate the journey to a healthier, happier you...we have everything you need to succeed and we are passionate about leaving no stone unturned in helping you reach your potential!


Monthly Ladies social & events

We the importance of not just working out together but also celebrating the bond of our community. That's why we host monthly Ladies Socials, a special time for our members to come together beyond the fitness floor. It's an opportunity for our incredible community of women to connect, share experiences, and uplift one another on their fitness journeys. At Forge, we believe that building a supportive network is key to epic progress.

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